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 Post subject: The Community Initiative
PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:19 pm 
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Hello Everyone, I'm posting this nice lengthy page to get some word out. So, as some of you may/or may not be aware, the GarageGames & Torque community is in need of some major assistance, now I'm not saying it's in trouble of completely failing or anything of that nature, only that it needs a booster in order to get it moving along. I want to take the initiative and help out, so here's what I had in mind to do so.

1) Donation Initiative
This part is for any developer out there with a team and a project that is in development, and would like to use their project as a means to help build the GG/T3D Community. I will free of charge, offer you my Multiplayer Assembly Package (You get a account system and a master server for your game) if you take the initiative to include in your game's credits or somewhere noticeable a nice big GarageGames logo and/or a link to the GG website so people who play your game know what engine made your project happen. Obviously, you'd need to present to me a project that shows good progress or is in a state that could be released to the public ASAP. My main course of action here would be for projects that show the following:
* Good use of the technology and all of it's benefits to indie developers
* Different genres (We want to break the "Torque can only do FPS" notion)
* Existing support for the project or people who can help easily spread the word present

If your project fits these criterion, please send me an email at and I'd like to discuss my initiative with you and provide you with the tools to build your project's multiplayer support.

2) Project Initiative
Since the community is small, I'm going to move away from all pack development for the time being (Don't be concerned MAP/DWP owners, I'm still providing full support if you need it), and going to be dumping my open time in to getting some games out there that use Torque 3D. The main one of course being Legacies. As it stands right now, it needs a good solid 3 days of art work (Model animation and texturing, particle SFX) and about 2 - 3 days of scripting work (the game modes and game itself) and I'm going to put my time into this project to get it into the alpha stage for testing and beta release. At that time, I want to get this project moving on a positive note, meaning I want people to literally test as much as possible, I want the game to get out with as few bugs and errors as possible. So, my point here being I need a much larger testing team to get this done, so I'm going to waive the closed beta phase and open the project to anyone who already has an account here. When the game is set into the beta, you will be able to download and play right away, you'll even get a special in-game banner just for participating in the beta, so get it and test the heck out of it.

The second part of the project initiative is the mini-game design phase. I'm asking anyone here at PGD with any Torque experience to come forward to help here. I'm proposing we design and release a small game to help show off what Torque can do. This will be taking place probably beginning next month (after I finish handling the website upkeep task), and I will be looking for a LOT of input, I'm taking everything from mini-game ideas to code to get them working and the artwork for these mini-games. I'm then going to compile all of the mini-games into one single game project, add our multiplayer portion to it (MAP) and place the completed project on Steam Greenlight. If we can bolster enough support for a game to be placed on Steam and be recognized, we can help build the GG community (which is the ultimate goal here).

3) Art/Sound
Games unfortunately need this. You can have the best ideas in the world (See my many projects: TWM2, Powers Mod, Expanded Wars), and yet you will always be criticized based on how it looks & sounds, not how it plays. I want to remedy the solution, but I'm only a beginning modeler, and while I do have experience behind a keyboard, I don't possess a "real" one that can make quality sound and music for games. The Multiplayer Assembly Package was originally released in my own thought that we would be able to obtain ~100 sales. Mathematically $25*100 = $2500 which is more than enough to buy musical equipment. As for art, you can only get better with time, and that's what I'm putting forth with blender. If you have art experience, and you want to help us get Legacies out, I'd really like your help getting some rock solid environments for Legacies to be played in.

4) Why?
As much as a great plan sounds it all comes down to why we need this in the first place, If the GG community is small, equally, the PGD community will also be small. MY final goal is to release a project worthy of being played and recognized by many people to build our own community in preparations to begin development on a much larger project series (Tactical Uprising). Working on something bigger requires not only hardware solutions (servers), but programmers and artists who can get the job done, and that requires money. A larger GG community full of more active developers will in turn build the market for T3D Packs, which in turn will support PGD's initiative. Some of you might then ask, why not sell Legacies for a price, the answer is simple. We're only starting out still, even though we've been in existence for 4 years now, bigger name companies have money thrown at them when they start to build something bigger, we don't have money. I don't want to sell our first "real" game for a price as we first need to build support for Phantom Games Development and show people what we can actually do. Legacies will have an in-game store for items that can be bought and I do expect that the in-game store will generate a fair bit of revenue for us. Some have said we have failed already for not doing anything or for what we have made in the past. I don't want to say we've failed as a game development group due to any reason, I just want to say we haven't done anything worth showing yet.

That's what I've got to deal with right now, and only you guys can help to make it happen!

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