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 Post subject: Into The Future
PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:23 pm 
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So as you may (or may not) have noticed now, Legacies is not out. This is quite obvious and I originally estimated around October 18th for the launch of Legacies. This has officially been placed on hold now as some more other important tasks have now come up to the board.

First and foremost is a major announcement of sorts. And that is we are beginning development on our own game engine technology. After some discussion and test runs with Torque 3D (See PGD Survival and the dev. alphas of Legacies) we have decided that while the engine is good for smaller projects, it is not suitable for our future projects, and so we hit the drawing board, and after a few days of conceptual thinking, I'm proud to announce the Galactic Engine.

So what's going to happen to Legacies and the Mini-Game Month? Well, the mini-game month is all but dead in my eyes unfortunately, the support just isn't there for this kind of an idea. As for Legacies, I'm not going to throw away perfectly good code that was built for a good portion of the summer, so give it a month or two and we should have something ready to go. But that's not the key point to this thread.

The first thing we need to discuss is what exactly we're going to be doing. First and most importantly, I'm killing the "Sole Proprietor" notion that has been placed on Phantom Games Development for the past 1 - 3 years of our existence and I've opened up fully to suggestions and ideas from the development team here. My next major task is to get everyone together and actually get working on this technology.

Now onto the tech itself since you're reading about a new game engine. There will be two versions of the Galactic Engine, a 2D version and a 3D version. We will be working on the 2D version first (shorthanded G2D) as it will be much easier for us to build, test, and get a handle on the coding necessary for a game engine.

Some key components of G2D will be that it is built around OpenGL for cross-platform compatibility, supports a multi-threaded environment for smooth processing, and using LUA-JIT for the scripting to provide fast and readily available scripting to the engine. G2D will be mainly built for side-scrolling games, however we are considering building in support for top-down and possibly isometric games as well. We will also be providing network support for a minimum of 16 players at a time using this technology.

While support for Android and IPhone will not be a main component of the engine right away, this is an avenue of development we will need to explore at some point.

This is an exciting time for us here. While we aren't going to be building a game in the near term, we will be in full control of the technology behind our games. Look for news updates regarding the development of this engine to come with the monthly announcements from this point forward. I'm hoping in about 3 - 5 months we'll have the engine to a working stage to get a tech-demo / game out there for you guys to enjoy. We will use this demo as feedback to improve and update our engine as prep-work for G3D1, which as of this point forward, will be the technology behind the Tactical Uprising series.

I hope this doesn't come as a shock or disappointment to anyone, and if you're at all interested in helping the cause move forward with your development skills, feel free to shoot me a PM/Email.

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