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 Post subject: Reworking Some Things
PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:42 pm 
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So hello again everyone, and welcome to the second half of December 2013. I've got a little bit of a news update to send around for PGD so let's get to it.

First off, MAP 2.1 is now out to owners of MAP. This establishes compatibility with T3D MIT 3.5 and it makes good use of my accepted pull request into the engine to remove a good chunk of the necessary installation for the cURL library implement into the engine. The pack remains at it's cost of $25 for all non-owners of the pack. I'm omitting the holiday DWP/MAP bundle for now due to the current lack of sales on both of the packs. No big deal regarding that either, it just would be a waste of time to set it all up again if nobody would take advantage of it. I will however give out MAP keys for $20 through 1/1/14 if anybody would like to purchase the pack at that price. Just email me for details regarding that.

Secondly, is a little reminder that the Holiday of Double event is still going on for ALL PGD Games and Projects, you can see the thread titles that for game/mod specific rates on EXP. This will remain active through AT LEAST 12/25/13, I may extend it a short period longer if I feel like doing so.

Next up, I've done a little bit of website housecleaning and will be doing the same for the forums shortly. As some may have noticed, I've removed Tactical Uprising and Legacies from our "active" projects section and they are currently in the "held" status. Legacies has not received any updates since 10/15/13 due to my current work load with my seasonal job and my other tasks I am currently completing for PGD. I'm not expecting Legacies to be released any time in the near future since I have not worked on it in two months and will likely need to go over and run a complete bug-fix session on it anyways. As for Tactical Uprising, the announcement for the movement of that project was made last month and it remains unchanged. We will develop TU1, TU2, and TU3 on an in-house engine known as Galactic 3D. Very minimal work on the engine has been done as currently I'm the only one working on it, and mainly the challenge is currently brainstorming and establishing some basic and important decisions for how the engine will run and the necessary libraries we will need for the engine.

I am also ready to shed a little light on our first engine however, Galactic 2D. I'm currently designing a web page for the engine itself to provide a more general list of features but we have established some basic points of interest for the engine itself. Those are as follows:
  • OpenGL 4.4 Rendering for Cross-Compatibility
  • UDP Networking with a minimum support for 8 players
  • Multi-Threaded Engine for CPU specific tasking
  • Minimal LUA-JIT Scripting for base logic, object implementation, and other tasks
  • Modular Object Implementation for easy implementation of new object classes to the engine
  • General Setup for Platformer Type Games, Specific Application Development for Top-Down/Isometric may be introduced later
  • Secondary Application for Server Only Running, This will allow our engine to base it's tasks mainly on the client with some specific listen server capabilities

Obviously we will need some more time to complete the generalized thinking of how we want to proceed with the development of the engine and to set in stone some more important concepts and ideas of how our engine will work and develop the games itself. The general thought process between me and DDDX is to develop a clone game of a more popular title just to stress-test the engine's capabilities when that point comes. We don't know for sure which game we will try to design, however our first and most important job is to get the engine itself designed and then coded. The call for assistance regarding any help for developing the engine still remains open to anyone who would like to give us a hand, just shoot me a PM if interested.

And that's all I've got for now, we'll see if I have any more updates before the conclusion of 2013, if not, have yourselves a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and don't forget to blast away more zombies in TWM2!!!

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