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 Post subject: PGD Update: April 2014
PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:29 am 
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Hello Everyone,

Today's thread is here to give you a status update on PGD as on the end of April 2014. We've got some new stuff coming out very soon, and some updates to our two active projects in development to discuss, so let's get on with it.

First off today, is the conclusion of PGD Torque 3D related work with the two upcoming releases and final pieces of the T3D Micro Packs, the Beam Projectile and the Force Field packs. I'm also releasing the Projectile Pack to contain all four of our released projectile type classes. Upon the release of these final three packs the PGD Super Bundle will be renamed to the PGD Torque Pack containing all of our prior packs for the same low price of $60. This contains:

  • Multiplayer Assembly Package ($25)
  • Dynamic Weather Pack ($5)
  • Advanced FPS Kit Lite ($40)
  • AFPSK Modelling Tutorial
  • AFPSK FPS Design Tutorial
  • AFPSK Radar
  • AFPSK Game Mode Tutorial
  • AFPSK AI Lite
  • Micro: Laser Projectile ($5)
  • Micro: Tracer Projectile ($5)
  • Micro: Beam Projectile ($7.99)
  • Micro: Force Field ($7.99)
  • Micro: Waypoint Overlay ($6.99)

If you bought everything separately, you'd be paying $102.97, buying the PGD Torque Pack for $60 gives you a savings of $42.97, so be sure to look everything over and take advantage of what we have to offer.

And that will be the conclusion of our T3D Packs. We'll still offer Torque Services if you need them, and you can send a message to any one our our PGD Staff Members to inquire for more details regarding the manner, but our pack development will come to a close with these upcoming releases.

So, that brings us to the second item on today's little news post, which is Galactic 2D. G2D is moving along a little more quickly now compared to the previous few weeks where not much work was done with the engine, and more and more of the core mechanics and features are being added to the engine with time. I want to place the current percentage of items completed or in progress versus the amount of things needed to be done to get RC1 done at around 40%. There's a few "big" items in the to-do list, but most of them should not be that difficult to complete. I will keep everyone informed with the development progress through my weekly - semi-weekly updates on what's going on and eventually will bring some images of stuff regarding the engine as well. I don't see myself releasing G2D for license purchases upon the release of RC1. I'll probably release some of the demos so they can be tested thoroughly by everyone here to make sure everything is working as intended. RC2 or RC3 will probably be the point of official release for G2D once all of the core features are slated to be in a working phase with minimal problems or bugs in the engine that need to be fixed at which point, development on item #3 on today's news will commence in full swing.

The last thing on today's article is the official announcement of the Tech Demo for Galactic 2D, which is going to be named Beam-Space. Beam-Space is going to be a multiplayer only Top Down shooter game that takes place inside the virtual world of a computer where viruses and anti-virus software are clashing with each other. There will be numerous weapons, and abilities to use in the game and a selection of a few game modes to work through. Unlike our previous works in Phantom Games Development, Beam-Space is also going to be our first "official" game release, and it will likely be around the $9.99 range for a one-time purchase price. I'll have more details on Beam-Space in the coming months as Galactic 2D gets closer and closer to RC1.

And that's all today folks, not much else going on now with the full work swing in progress, but we'll keep you in touch if anything develops!

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