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 Post subject: PGD News: Apr. 2015
PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:48 am 
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Hello again everyone, and happy end of April. As we slowly approach the coming summer months, I've got a little bit of upcoming PGD News that I'd like to share with everyone here.

So, we'll start with the latest bit of news to land. The Ultimate Guide to Torque 3D is finally a done deal and a completed project that has been officially released. Seeing as it took me longer than I originally intended (and promised) to have it finished by, I decided against bringing the price to the original $20 mark and leaving it at $15. The PGD Torque Bundle pack will also remain at the same current price.

If you're interested in picking up a copy of the guide, you can do so here:

Also as stated numerous times, this project was and is my final entry to the Torque 3D engine. Seeing as I have some other upcoming things going on, I'd rather not devote any more time towards this engine. If population and popularity grows for it, perhaps later, but for now, I'm signing off of the engine pack development line.

Galactic 2D
In the place of the workload that has been taking my time, I'm moving onto my current project, Galactic 2D. For the long and forgotten, Galactic 2D (G2D) is a custom built 2D Game Engine that will feature Cross-Platform support with a 64 bit internal system core, OpenGL, and OpenAL libs. This engine will be light and compact (Aside from the massive Cross Platform core system which is being so lovely as to vampire my time on it).

I'm taking my gained knowledge from the Torque 3D engine to develop the key systems of Galactic 2D. In the coming month of May, I'm going to devote my workload to finish up the Windows Cross Platform module and get started on the rendering system in the engine. The remaining work on the Cross Platform module is to install the remaining threading systems into the engine, and then to work on adding a platform function library that will be needed by the engine itself. From there I'll install a generic core to the engine that will act as Platform::X when used in other parts of the engine, this will mainly comprise of tools such as Application, File, Input Devices, and Window.

Once those are done, then the Windows CPL will be all set and ready for a test run, which I will extensively debug on numerous test programs to ensure everything's working as intended.

The overall goal is to have the Engine's Core Mechanics up and completely running by the end of July. From there it'll be some quick and easy object classes made in August to get us up to RC1.

Game Projects
As stated many times before, the overall plan remains unchanged. Once RC1 is completed, I'll use that to create a test demo called Beam-Space, which will be a 2D Top Down Multiplayer Arcade-Style Shooter. From there, we'll focus on RC2 and RC3, which will aim to install compatibility to any additional platforms as needed, and to install additional engine systems to get the engine to a Version 1.0 release. Beyond that, well, only some others here know the "whole" plan.

Site Update
So, it was brought to my attention yesterday that while the V3.1 update to the PPS has fixed some of the .zip issues, they're still present. Mainly on Apple Machines. If you're using any kind of an apple device, please use the following for the time being while a fix is investigated:

  • Download all of our product files in Chrome or Firefox
  • Use the command unzip <filepath> at the Terminal. The output will be in your base directory.

Also, if you're downloading any of our files on Internet Explorer, please use WinRAR to open the .zip files.

As many saw in my GG post as well as here, I did get into a Graduate Program (Finally), and that will be something else to take up my time this coming Fall. So here's just a fair warning that my time schedule will be extremely limited to help with fixes, projects, etc. especially later this year, so if you need something fixed or done, the time to inquire is now.

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