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 Post subject: PGD News: June 2015
PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:42 pm 
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And there goes two more months into the record books. Not much has been going on with PGD as of lately only due to my increasingly tighter schedule (Thanks work for over scheduling me every single week), but there has been a few tid-bits of things to talk about here.

So, while there is no new project in the pipeline as said before, I do want to thank the PGD and GG communities together for officially making The Ultimate Guide to Torque 3D our most successful project release to date. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I do have plans for mid next month to release a few additional tutorials based on the style presented in the guide available for everyone to read here on the forums. They should be some nice little supplemental materials as a thank you to everyone who helped to make this a success.

Galactic 2D
Let's just say that my over schedule due to my current work situation has seen pretty much all of my development time towards my 2D engine wash away. In terms of the work I have completed in the past month and a half however, there is some good news.

I now estimate that I am about 75% done with the RC1 work for the Cross-Platform module of the engine. The remaining tasks are as follows:

* Create a File Manager system to handle standard File I/O tasks
* Establish a mini-lib of OS function wrappers for the engine
* Write a Windows version of the Application and Window classes
* Update the Memory class, and then wire it through the current engine implementation
* Fix Bugs in the current code and address the growing number of To-Do Comments

So as you can see, most of the "Heavy Lifting" stuff is pretty much done. Once I finish up these last bits of things, I'll have a pretty decent Windows Engine Wrapper base with the generic platform functioning ready to go. Feel free to lib it if you want, after all the engine is MIT, lol.

The Plan
And with the engine slowly gaining some progress, I think I'd like to spend a moment to actually introduce "The Plan". There are a few people in these forums who have been with us since the beginning of PGD back in August of 2009. We had a successful modification project running at the time for Tribes 2 called Total Warfare Mod 2, which introduced a fast paced action shooter genre into the futuristic world of Tribes 2. This modification in turn eventually evolved itself into a full game idea design, and then the bits and pieces of a game series fell into place as well, with lots of fun ideas coming into line.

Since I will be attending Graduate School and the plan seems to be moving more into the books as something that might never happen, but is always there as a fallback, I see no harm in sharing the "basics" of it here.

First and foremost, I think the toughest hurdle for us to overcome right now is actually getting Galactic 2D done and working. Whenever you work on any form of Game Engine, or a game for that manner, you're putting in a lot of hard work setting up millions of lines of source code, and then working on the other aspects of the game like artwork, sounds, etc. So the obvious stage one of the plan is to finish up the engine (OR at least get RC1 done for now).

Beam-Space is our G2D Tech Demo. It will be a large multiplayer Top-Down arcade style shooter game that places you in the realm of a computer. The multiplayer features the teams of the virus and the anti-virus going at it for control of the system. There will be lots of toys and goodies for you to obtain and use against your fellow competitors in that format.

Following Beam-Space is our longer term project of Galactic 3D, which will upgrade the existing G2D Engine to handle 3D game spaces. Since most of the heavy lifting of the game engine in the core systems will be in place from G2D, this should be a walk in the park should we make it this far in the plan. Beyond that point, lies a game series I have been conjuring up for quite some time now, based on the story I wrote for Total Warfare Mod 2. This project is Tactical Uprising, and for the fans of TWM2, this game would essentially bring that mod to it's own game, featuring it's own mechanics and systems to realize the many missing features that mod never got to experience.

Final Notes
A few final notes for this month. As I posted a little while back, the server based issue for PGD Survival has been resolved. I do apologize for missing that issue for the longest of time, I really should have acted quicker on that.

Also from my understanding, there still may be an issue with downloading our packs on a Mac machine, if you're encountering issues, I refer you to our April 2015 news post, which has a temporary fix to the problem while a long term fix is investigated.

And that's all I've got for now! Again, it's been really busy for me but I hope July frees up some time for me to continue my work on Galactic 2D, I really want to bring "The Plan" to fruition if at all possible, there would be some wonderful things to talk about in the future then.

Til next time!

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